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Finally, Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Send Photos From Any Of Your Albums

Facebook Messenger has just received a new update that, according to it release notes, makes sending photos and emoji easier. Actually, the latest update to the standalone messaging app of Facebook delivers but a couple of slight UI improvements. First, the plus button for adding photos, emoji, and voice recordings has been replaced by a paper clip button, as in… Read more →

Facebook Pages Manager Gets Photo Filters, Emoji & Stickers

Facebook Pages Manager for iOS just got a big version 2.0 update that brings a number of performance improvements and new features. Facebook says the app has been rebuilt to offer a smoother, faster experience, while photo filters and support for emoji and stickers have been added. Scrolling through your Page timeline is now faster than ever before, Facebook says,… Read more →

Facebook rebuilds its Page Manager iOS app, with faster response time, filters for photos, and stickers

Facebook released an update today for its Page Manager iOS app. The company says that it has been rebuilt to help make managing Page content much faster and easier to use. Facebook’s Page Manager was released last year simply to help make it easy to manage Pages on the social network. It works for those users who manage a Page for work, school,… Read more →

Facebook Pages Manager 2.0 Promises Speed, Filters And Stickers

About a year since its launch in the App Store, Facebook Pages Manager has just been updated to version 2.0. Facebook Pages Manager is one of Facebook’s standalone apps for iOS. In addition to its main iOS client simply called Facebook, the social networking giant has Facebook Messenger, Facebook Camera, Facebook Poke, and this … Read more →

Facebook Messenger For Apple’s iPhone Updated

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has released an update to its iOS Messenger app. The new app brings to table a new option of swipe to delete conversations from the Inbox, and also comes with the addition of stickers. For those who’re not familiar with stickers, then they’re in a simple sense – emoticons that users can add in the messages to add smile, sad, laughs… Read more →

Facebook Messenger for iOS gets stickers

Facebook has released an update to its Messenger app for iOS. This app update sees the return of the very popular swipe-to-delete action as well as the addition of stickers. For those not in the know, stickers are larger, far cuter version of your everyday circle-faced emoticons. Instead of sending dull, drab circular faces, you can choose between well-sketched critter… Read more →

Facebook’s iOS Messenger app gets all sticky

Ever had the need to show what you’re feeling on Facebook Messenger with an image of a cute pink critter holding a heart-shaped pillow? Well, you’re in luck. The social network updated its iOS Messenger app on Monday with a grab bag of stickers. For those people unfamiliar with stickers, they’re basically emoticons that users can tack onto messages for… Read more →

Facebook Messenger gets stickers, swipe-to-delete functionality in update

In an update to its standalone messaging app on Monday, Facebook added so-called “stickers” from the company’s flagship iOS app and reinstated swipe gestures to delete conversations from the inbox … Read more →